JustCode (discontinued) BETA 2009.3.1211 Version Notes

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  • Performance improvements.
  • Syntax Colorization (turned off by default, can be enabled from the JustCode options / General / Color identifiers).
    IMPORTANT: In order to be able to customize the JustCode color markers you need to uninstall the previous version of JustCode prior to installing the new version.
  • Go To File now finds files in "not supported" projects.
  • Extract method working for JavaScript (covering basic scenarios for now).
  • Do not show unused parameter warnings for potential event handlers. 


  • Fixed a problem with using special keys (backspace, delete, etc.) in the Go To dialogs when some VS solution windows are focused.
  • Fixed some HTML/ASP.NET tag errors.
  • Fixed a bug in extract method.
  • Support for VS 2005 regression bug fixed.
  • (C#) Nullable operations * / %.
  • (VB) Fixed an exception in the VB parser happening on broken code.
  • (ASP.NET) Fixed ArgumentException during parsing of incomplete TypeName directive.
  • Fixed an exception occurring when dragging an item from the JC Error List window causing VS to crash.
  • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException in the VisitInvocation method.
  • (C#) Unsafe pointer types.
  • (C#/VB) Constant argument values in generic method invocations.
  • (C#) User + operator takes precedence over string +.
  • (C#) Enum defined inside generic class.
  • (C#) Recognize uint.MaxValue as a constant.
  • (C#) Annotate arguments of "Invoke" call.
  • (C#) Delegate invocation can not specify explicit type arguments.
  • (C#/VB) Always respect explicit type arguments in generic method calls when computing actual parameter types.
  • (VB) Generic import statements.
  • Fixed a problem with renaming in VB when only the casing is different.
  • Improved the indentation logic to use VS tabs/spaces settings when indenting.
  • Fixed a problem with the auto updates feature throwing exceptions sometimes.
  • Fixed the Feedback form to be non-modal and the About dialog to be shown correctly when having 2 monitors.
  • Fixed a problem with exceptions when disabling / enabling the addin while there's a metadata file opened.
  • Fixed a problem with renaming a file while opened.