Progress® Telerik® Reporting 2009.3 1211 Version Notes

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What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting 2009.3 SP1 (v3.2.9.1211)

Silverlight Report Viewer

  • Fixed: Missing API reference
  • Fixed: No parameter UI when the report contains single parameter and no default value
  • Fixed: Parameter values are not applied for print and export
  • Fixed: Report Viewer does not work with SSL
  • Fixed: Report viewer shows hidden parameters (Visible=False)
  • Fixed: Error when ReportServiceUri is not set and the Report property is set
  • Improved error messages
  • Added support for custom bindings for Report Service Client
  • Added support for programmatic initialization of report parameter values before rendering
  • Added support for Telerik Themes

Report Service

  • Fixed: Missing API reference

WebForms Report Viewer

  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when assigning 'null' to the Report property of the viewer
  • Fixed: Incorrect message when the viewer has no report
  • Fixed: Incorrect vertical alignment of the Export toolbar group
  • Fixed: a security exception in medium trust
  • Fixed: data source missing for Table items in outproc session state
  • Fixed: Previous/Next buttons of ReportViewer are not disabled when you have a single page report.

WinForms Report Viewer

  • Fixed: DocumentMap does not show plus/minus signs for the root nodes

Report Processing

  • Fixed: Error "The expression contains object 'Item' that is not defined in the current context." when binding to a list/array of objects
  • Fixed: Table header occupies the whole table size if datasource returns empty collection

XAML Rendering

  • Fixed: Invalid attribute value System.Windows.Media.ImageBrush for property Background
  • Fixed: Error: Invalid cast: object of type “Telerik.Reporting.Processing.HtmlProcessingElemnt” to type “Telerik.Reporting.Processing.HtmlTextBox”
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering of TextBox item.

Html Rendering

  • Fixed: No text in Firefox when TextWrap is set to false.

Image Rendering

  • Fixed: Incorrect paging of Table items that contain large items that span on multiple vertical pages.
  • Fixed: Incorrect paging of nested Table items.
  • Fixed: Table: KeepTogether=false not respected when horizontal paging occurs

PDF Rendering

  • Fixed: Added support for bookmarks/document map.

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed: missing tool windows in Visual Studio 2010
  • Fixed: Report Wizard does not set the correct connection string name to the DataSet
  • Fixed: setting GroupFooter/GroupHeader properties to None in the Group Collection Editor corrupts the report designer
  • Fixed: Table Group dialog OK button is not enabled after Grouping is defined
  • Fixed: no way to delete static Table row group

Upgrade Wizard

  • Added support for .SVC files
  • Added support for Silverlight assemblies
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard removes the PreCondition attribute from the IIS7 handler registration