Progress® Telerik® UI for Silverlight 2009.1 413 Version Notes

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  • New Features
    • CanUserSortColumns property added
    • Disabled CheckBox for boolean column in view mode instead True/False added
    • Cells property added for grid rows - Items is now obsolete.
    • ExcelML export added
    • Exporting improvements (styles & formatting)
    • Exporting event added
    • Support for mouse over state in Cells added
    • GridViewComboboxColumn added
    • DistinctValues IValueConverter support added
    • RowAppearance settings moved to GridViewDataControl (RowStyle, HeaderRowStyle, etc.) - RowAppearance is now obsolete
    • HeaderRowStyle property added for GridViewDataControl
    • GroupRowStyle property added for GridViewDataControl
    • NewRowStyle property added for GridViewDataControl
    • Added Validation style for Vista, Summer and Office_Black themes
    • TAB naviagation improvements
    • CellTemplate and CellEditTemplate DataTemplate properties for GridViewColumn added
    • CreateCellElement and CreateCellEditElement virtual methods for GridViewColumn added
  • Fixes
    • Export does not take into account columns that are hidden is now fixed
    • Height cannot be set in XAML for the grid rows is now fixed
    • Duplicate rows in Export to Excel is now fixed
    • HeaderText cannot be set in runtime is now fixed
    • GridViewColumn IsVisible now will not reset GridViewDataControl template
    • Cells are not created if the grid is not visible
      Control+Click multiple selection broken after switching tabs in a TabControl is now fixed
    • Column reordering with custom filter description added to the composite filter description of the grid is now fixed
    • DataElement property of RowLoadedEventArgs throws exception on new row is now fixed
    • Async binding does not work properly with filtering
    • Sorting on nested or indexed properties is now fixed
    • Distinct values on ntext columns exception is now fixed
    • Sorting on ntext columns is now fixed
    • CustomTypeDescriptor problems with sorting and distinct values are now fixed (WPF only)
    • Filtering on string when target value is null is now fixed
    • GroupingRequested not raised on group panel cell close button click is now fixed
    • DataFormatString does not work properly on export is now fixed
    • Vertical scrollbar margin not calculated properly when new row is visible is now fixed 


  • New Features
    • Added two new 2D chart types: StackedLine and StackedSpline
    • Added AxisY.ExtendDirection property. This property will define if and in which direction AxisY will automatically add an additional step in order to ensure there is always a gap between the graph and the chart area top/bottom end. It is respected only when AutoRange property is set to true and IsZeroBasedProperty is treated with higher priority. The possible values are:
      • AxisExtendDirection.None - the Y axis will not be extended 
      • AxisExtendDirection.Down - the Y axis will have an additional item at the bottom 
      • AxisExtendDirection.Up - the Y axis will have an additional item at the top 
      • AxisExtendDirection.Both - the Y axis will have an additional item at both - top and bottom 
      • AxisExtendDirection.Smart - acts like AxisExtendDirection.Both with a single difference: the axis will never be extended outside the 0 value
    • New series types - StackedLine and StackedSpline
    • Exposed Style properties for customization of the visual elements of RadChart: 
      • RadChart.TitleStyle - gets or sets the title style
      • RadChart.LegendStyle - gets or sets the legend style
      • SeriesDefinition.PointMarkItemStyle - gets or sets the Style associated with each point mark (where applicable)
      • SeriesDefinition.SeriesItemLabelStyle - gets or sets the series item label style
      • ChartArea.AxisXStyle - gets or sets the axis X style
      • ChartArea.AxisYStyle - gets or sets the axis Y style
      • ChartLegend.LegendItemStyle - gets or sets the legend item style
    • PointMarks shape and appearance can now be customized through
    • SeriesDefinition.Appearance.PointMark complex property
    • Added item tooltip format
    • Introduced automatic AxisX.LayoutMode selection that takes the actual displayed chart series into account 
  • Changes 
    • Fixed an issue with series item format not working for the last item
    • Applying styles to AxisXLabel2D is now possible
    • Fixed an issue with wrong ItemIndex in ChartItemClickEventArgs for radial series.
  • Breaking Changes
    • AxisY.AutoScale is now obsolete. Please, use AutoRange property instead
    • Numeric label formats have changed - there is no {0} placeholder used anymore. For example the old format "{0:C}" is now written as "C"


  • New Features
    • Semi-circle styles for radial gauges
    • Quadrant-like styles for radial gauges  


  • New Features
    • Save/Load Layout mechanism - When building complex layouts with Telerik Docking the users will often expect to persist the layout from one session to another. This can be easily achieved with the advanced Save/Load Layout mechansim of the Telerik Docking control. RadDocking provides a method that stores the entire layout in a stream containing XML. Then, you can simply restore the layout from its previous state. In addition, you can choose to save the stream elsewhere, in a textbox or directly in the isolated storage.  


  • Fixes in Firefox
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Editor.dll – fixed mistaken assembly info affecting IntelliSense


  • SelectionStart, SelectionLength, AutoCompleteInterval - new properties added


  • Drag-Related properties can now be set in the constructor of the RootVisual, no Null Exceptions will occur
  • When the drag Source is set as a DragCue, it is correctly put back in the visual tree on drop complete
  • Drag-drop across multiple nested windows now works as expected


  • TemplateBinding to HeaderTemplate now added in all templates


  • Modal Window background now visible in Alert, Prompt, Confirm.


  • Fixed RadMediaPlayer bug affecting the CurrentItem property when set before the template has been applied
  • Removed a Loaded  Trigger which confused Blend during template editing

Memory Leak Fixes

  • RadWindow, RadTreeView, RadMenu, RadNumericUpDown, RadSlider