Sitefinity CMS 8.1.5822.0 Version Notes

What's fixed?

  • Bug: Taxonomy synonyms are the same for all languages (FP)
  • Bug: Forum attachments of posts/threads are not deleted (FP)
  • Bug: Custom field of type "Number" with decimal places rounds the entered number (FP)
  • Bug: ShoppingCartAdder needs to be added to the ObjectFactory (FP)
  • Bug: Analytics: Changing a site domain and not updating Analytics data generates an error in the error log that cause performance issue (FP)
  • Bug: Analytics: Filtering the analytics dashboards by visitors, languages, devices, etc creates an error log (FP)
  • Bug: Analytics: Navigating to Marketing->Analytics after having active analytics connection generates error log (FP)
  • Bug: Exporting all day events to Google calendar/Outlook/ICal (FP)