Sitefinity CMS 8.0.5717.0 Version Notes

What's fixed
  • Fixed an issue where wrong translator was used for additional search fields.

Events widget
  • CalendarView doesn't show items from the correct provider when using multi site.(FP)
  • Personalization preview console results in error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in test mode scenario.

  • Child page cannot be sent to recycle bin when there is a page with the same title in the sitemap (FP)
  • Performance optimizations in Inline Editing parsing.
  • Backend users who do not have the credentials to edit widget templates are able to edit them if they can edit a widget on a page to do so
  • Permissions for Forms do not work - modify permissions do not work and a user can still open a Form for edit, delete Form controls, and Publish the Form, even if he is explicitly denied for Modify rights.

  • Localize registration and account activation email. Templates are exposed as resources under Labels - RegistrationConfirmationEmail, RegistrationSuccessEmail. Custom templates can use the following syntax to resolve localization resources {$ClassId, Key$}Example: {$Labels,RegistrationConfirmationEmail$} (FP)

  • Libraries list view is broken when the first image of the library has invalid data.

User profiles
  • The email field is not available as a field to user profiles (FP)

Responsive design
  • Fix the option for selecting specific responsive design rule for a particular page is not working as always all responsive design rules are applied.(FP)

Feather integration releated
  • Fix binding redirect problem in feather when using multilingual site with specific culture that fallback to the invariant culture of the item (FP)

  • Precompiled assembly is not used when opening pages due to cache issue.(FP)
  • Applied fix for randomly occurring error: Type is enhanced when there are more than one connection to the same database from several site instances (FP).