Sitefinity CMS 8.0.5715.0 Version Notes

What's fixed

  • Having more than one library of different types with the same urls stops rendering the items and results in exception (FP)
  • Multilingual: delete translation of a page that has child page, but not in the current language is possible from Actions->Delete and not from page edit screen of this page (​FP)
  • LastLoginDate of front-end users is not updated (FP)
  • UsersIsOnlineTimeWindow is not working (FP)
  • Frontend users are not redirected to the url specified in the ReturnUrl query string parameter after successful login (FP)
Site Sync
  • Syncing pages with disabled additional url to an existing page (FP)
  • Configuration option for sts_logout query string passed automatically. It allows to sign out from the STS instead of the relying party. The setting can be found in Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Security -> StsSignout (FP)