Sitefinity CMS 8.0.5706.0 Version Notes

What's new 

Module builder

  • When creating dynamic content item in multilingual, not translated related ​documents and videos are marked with "not translated" label and are displayed grayed out

What's fixed

Content block

  • Pressing enter while editing a shared content block in Html mode, will save the content block and will redirect you back to the list view (FP)


  • ControlCssClassOnError and Validator MessageCssClass are not applied for forms controls (FP)

Module builder

  • Custom provider inheriting from OpenAccessDynamicModuleProvider does not fire IDynamicContentEvents from the EventHub (FP)


  • Html.BeginFormSitefinity doesn`t send a file for upload using Kendo Uploader (FP)


  • Having more than 150 roles for a user makes the auth cookie larger than 4096 bites (FP)


  • Video widget: Unable to edit a page where the MediaPlayerControl is located if Silverlight is used (FP)