Sitefinity CMS 8.0.5704.0 Version Notes

What's new

  • Content block: Added paging in the shared content block selector  

What's fixed


  • BeginFormSitefinity helper method does not work when performing post on the home page (FP)
  • BeginFormSitefinity helper method does not work when there are multiple forms on a page \valid for Hybrid mode only\ (FP)
  • Widget that performs redirect on HttpPost doesn't work if you access the home page directly without pointing the url (FP)
  • Using AntiForgeryToken attribute causes an error (FP)
  • The Url property of the Controller class is null (FP)
  • Page precompilation does not work for page templates in Pure mode (FP)
  • Using of PageData in controller breaks the page indexing (FP)
  • Setting the ToolboxesConfig.config file in read only mode results in error when returning file result in controller action (FP)


  • Forums: International characters in the thread's title/body are escaped (FP)
  • Forms: The SaveFormEntry method of the FormsControl class throws exception in NLB environment with huge load
  • Content block: New shared content is not visible on the list of available shared content