Sitefinity CMS 8.0.5703.0 Version Notes

What's new

  • Configuration option for enable/disable metadata caching (Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Data -> 'Disable meta type cache')

What's fixed


  • TempData is lost after moving from one controller to another (FP)
  • HttpContext.CurrentHandler returns null in MVC widgets​ (FP)
  • FileResult returns document with 0 bytes (FP)​


  • Additional URLs get 404 error (FP)

    Now there is a setting ( Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Libraries -> MediaFilesAdditionalUrls -> Media items additional URLs relative to site root (not to a containing page) ). It allows arbitrary additional URLs for a library item (Image, Document or Video) to be added and those URLs will redirect to the default one for the item.
    When this option is enabled there might be some performance penalty if there are many non-standard additional URLs and ​they are changed frequently.


  • Workflow notifications aren't sent to administrators (FP)


  • Login name is not displayed on home page for any user but Administrator​ (FP)


  • Language selector does not consider url parameters (FP)​
  • Invalid web resource Url containing not encoded chars - '&'​ (FP)