Sitefinity CMS 8.0.5702.0 Version Notes

What's new


  • Paging for hierarchical taxonomies (FP).

You can configure the default number of loaded items on each request by setting DefaultPageSize configuration property in Administration-> Settings -> Advanced -> Taxonomy.
The default value is 50, which means that ​50 items are going to be loaded with each request.

What's fixed


  • Opening content item for edit invalidates the page cache for pages with that content widget.


  • DownloadList widget throws exception in Page edit mode when the selected mode is "Table" and the control is "misplaced"(FP)

Labels and Messages

  • Sitefinity back-end labels change depending on the language of the opened page (FP).

Module Builder

  • Dynamic Content items hierarchical filtering and sorting by field throws exception on first load (FP).
  • Address field for a dynamic module prompts for location every time (FP).
  • Related data cannot be retrieved from item in the DynamicContentUpdated Event (FP).

Back-end Pages

  • All classifications back-end page cannot be opened for edit

Digital Experience Cloud

  • jQuery is not loaded for DEC Insights back-end page in single site scenario


  • Feeds in multisite in monolingual does not show dynamic item if there is second site which is in multilingual (FP)


  • Profile update throwing error in case Audit Trail module is Active (FP).
  • CampaignOverview class is now public (FP).
  • Provided virtual methods for TaxonomyService  and ProductTypesService