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End-users can be pretty demanding when it comes to the design of a mobile app. Matching the Modern design guidelines to the highest standards can also be tricky. And finally Windows Phone developers not always have a designer at their disposal. Telerik Design Templates for Windows Phone is the answer of all three issues.

The package includes 50+ ready-to-use content and page templates such as about page, error handling support, trial messages, pages with details, galleries and many more. A Visual Studio wizard can help you to configure the app’s entire infrastructure. What’s left for you is to fill-in your apps’ content.

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UI for Windows Phone demo application


Telerik Design Templates demo app on your Windows Phone for free.
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Types of Design Templates

There are three design templates categories: Content Views - provide different views or ways to show the content that you need on your page, Pages – fully functional pages that your application might need, like: calendar, about page and more; Building Blocks – every mobile app must-have such as trial reminder, rate my app page, error diagnostics.


Implementation is Wizard Easy

The Design Templates come with two wizards that are fully integrated with Visual Studio: the application and the item wizards. They will help you configure the whole app. Create a new project, choose the templates you want, add application building blocks if you wish, click “Finish” and you’re done. The application is automatically generated and the selected pages and building blocks are created and integrated nicely into the application.

The wizards work inside the full version of Visual Studio only, so if you are using the Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone or you don’t usually work with wizards, get the templates source code from your account.

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