The Telerik Platform

Built to play nice with your favorite tools
and embrace your existing infrastructure

Your 3rd Party Software and Tools

The Telerik Platform is built with developer flexibility and enterprise infrastructure in mind. Our platform's modular, open architecture enables an unbelievably easy integration with 3rd party tools and libraries.

Use Your Tools and Skills

Enjoy using your favorite frameworks and technology:

  • 3rd party UI libraries (JQuery Mobile and Cordova)
  • JavaScript as the main development language
  • Support for server-side languages (PHP, JSP, ASP) for HTML5
  • Integration with Knockout, Angularjs, and Backbone frameworks
  • Support for GitHub and BitBucket for source control

Leverage Your Infrastructure

Fit any Telerik Platform module into your software development lifecycle:

  • IDEs of your choice, including Visual Studio, Sublime Text and Command-line
  • Plug-and-play with any cloud back-end
  • Pre-built integration with LDAP and ADSF
  • Single sign-on support to access all applications
  • Custom connectors to mobilize enterprise data

Complement Your Software

From security to connectivity, Telerik embraces your preferences and dependencies:

  • 3rd party data security products
  • Provisioning to easily deploy apps to any enterprise app store
  • Open approach to frictionless integration with MAM/MDM solutions
  • Easy integration with existing testing software

Enterprises Use Telerik

Enterprise-Grade Support

Rely on the industry-leading support and SLAs for your critical application projects

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