• Add additional space to your app
  • Use it for navigation or custom content
  • Slides in from all four sides of the screen
  • Effects and Transitions

    The control slides in from all four sides of the screen. Many polished transition modes come out-of-the-box:

    • Reveal
    • Slide in on top
    • Slide along
    • ScaleDownPusherTransition
    • ScaleUpTransition
    • PushTransition
    • EmptyTransition
    • FallDownTransition
    • OpenDoorTransition
    • ReverseSlideOutTransition


  • custom_content

    Adding Extra Space to Your App

    The Telerik SideDrawer for Native Script UI uses the popular slide-out design pattern as a foundation and offers various functionalities on top of it. The control is highly customizable and allows developers to embed any content inside the sliding panel from text and icons to sliders and filters.

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