• Different layout modes
  • Pull to refresh
  • Native quality performance
  • Animate the Items

    As the end- user scrolls the items up or down, the ListView control can animate the way items will appear on the screen.

    Here are the effects supported:

    • Scale
    • Fade In
    • Slide In
    • Combinations of these

  • Load on demand

    In addition to the built-in UI virtualization, the control supports load-on-demand. This optimizes the initial loading of the app and the new items are loaded before the user reaches the bottom of the ListView.

  • Pull to Refresh

    UI for NativeScript ListView widget ships with pull-to-refresh functionality out of the box. This will allow you to easily accommodate a “feed” app scenario. Mirroring the expected behavior for in-app content update, the items load on top of the feed by pulling down from the top of the list.

  • reorder

    Reorder items

    With simple drag and drop action, ListView provides and easy way to reorder items in a menu and provides additional end user flexibility during interacting with content. 

    Visual feedback is also available while reordering.

  • Swipe to Execute

    Telerik ListView supports the popular “swipe to delete” pattern. The developer can customize the action following the item swipe gesture.


  • layouts_selection


    This control offers a selection on Tap or on Hold gestures. ListView offers both single and multiple selections.

  • Layout Modes

    Use the built-in layout managers to specify how to position items with Telerik ListView. This feature has Linear and Grid Layouts which can arrange the items horizontally or vertically.

    The LinearLayoutManager shows items in a standard scrolling list and arranges the items in a one-column list whereas, the GridLayoutManager shows items in a grid and arranges the items in a predefined number of columns, expanding the columns and their items to take up the width of the ListView.


  • nativescript-listview-overview

    ListView Control: Saves developers the time and effort

    Telerik ListView component is one stop shop for all UI needs. This controls packs the most frequently used functionalities and behaviors associated with a ListView control, saving developers the time and effort needed to integrate multiple solutions from different authors.

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