New component DataForm is now available. Checkout here for details.

UI for NativeScript

Add polish to your NativeScript applications with these premium UI components


Beautiful, polished and elegant UI widgets for NativeScript applications

  • Truly native UI components with TypeScript, JavaScript or Angular 2

    Access to 100% native APIs and can be used with TypeScript, JavaScript or Angular2.

  • Code Re-use Across iOS and Android

    Share the UI implementation across iOS and Android, all in JS, XML and CSS, without writing a single line of Objective-C or Java.

  • Ultimate Performance and Great Animations

    Enliven your app with our sleek, built-in animations and get the same smooth experience on any device.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Get extensive documentation, product updates and support from the people who built the suite.

Create beautiful and flexible charts with smooth interaction and zooming - area, line, pie, scatter and more.

Learn more about Chart

Different layout modes. Pull to refresh. Native quality performance.

Learn more about Listview

Add additional space to your app. Use it for navigation or custom content. Slides in from all four sides of the screen.

Learn more about SideDrawer

Week, month and year views. Single, multiple and range date Selection. Special and disabled dates.

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Display and edit data object's properties with standard or custom editors in a data fill-in form

Learn more about DataForm

Test drive UI for NativeScript

Free apps for iOS and Android demonstrate the capabilities of Telerik UI for NativeScript. Download the apps to get a first-hand experience with the product. Source code preview is available for every example.

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Learn what CIM Mobility built with
UI for NativeScript.


This is a very interesting application used to control your fireplace from your iOS/Android phone or tablet. The application is built using the advanced UI for NativeScript charting components to display the current temperature of the connected fireplace.


Angular2 integration

Angular 2 integration is supported for key NativeScript components.


NativeScript UI components, List view and SideDrawer can now be used seamlessly with AngularJS 2. Learn more about this integration in the article here.

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About NativeScript

NativeScript is a free open source framework for building no-compromise, native iOS and Android apps. Use Angular, TypeScript, or modern JavaScript and get the performance of Swift or Java. Get 100% access to native APIs and reuse of packages from NPM. More than 35 components are available with NativeScript out-of-the-box.

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