Mobile Testing

Test against any platform or browser
on 300+ unique devices in the cloud.
Pay by the minute.



  • Test Anything, Anywhere

    Craft automated tests for any Android, iOS or Windows Phone native, web or hybrid app. Test across multiple browsers at once.
  • As Easy As 1,2,3

    Use the robust testing framework to write a test once and reuse it across platforms, browsers, OS’s and devices. Keep the whole team up-to-date by posting results to the Test Portal.
  • Run Tests and Get Results in the Cloud

    Run tests and get all your test results automatically published to a web portal, where you can share them with all project stakeholders.
  • Test On 300+ Unique Devices in the Cloud

    Test your app against various Android and iOS devices. Mix and match manufacturers, screen resolutions and OS versions to create your device lists.
  • JavaScript Is All You Need

    Stay on your own turf. No need to learn any ne coding languages or proprietary tools – write all your tests in JavaScript.
  • Execute on the Device, No Jailbreak Needed

    Rather use your own devices instead? Download the companion app for test execution on any device, connect it to your workstation, and you are ready to go.
  • Behavior Driven Development

    Easily collaborate with your business stakeholders, testers and developers. Help reduce the cost of bugs early in the project.
  • Test within AppBuilder

    Telerik Mobile Testing seamlessly integrates with AppBuilder to allow you to stay within your favorite IDE when crafting and running your mobile tests.

Test Anything, Anywhere

With Mobile Testing, you can test any iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 app you want, whether native or web-based. Test scenarios in which a native app hosts a web browser/web view (such as the way PhoneGap based apps are), and test against any mobile browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The choice is yours.

As Easy As 1,2,3

Use your tests on any device, platform or OS—no need to change anything! Mobile Testing is a robust coding framework that empowers developers to write coded tests on their desktop machine (Windows-based PC or Mac), for any Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 app, simultaneously.

The rich API helps you craft test scripts that simulate real user behavior on the device. Easily build actions and verifications against all common Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 controls, out-of-the-box.


Run Tests and Get Results in the Cloud

Your Test Portal is your mobile testing hub–run tests, get results and share them with your entire team. Your locally created JavaScript tests are executed via the command line tool or the Test Runner, and the results can be kept locally or pushed online for everyone to see. Each test result provides information on when it was executed, and on what devices. Just click a device to display the test run result details.

Test On 300+ Unique Devices in the Cloud

Telerik Device Cloud will help you save time and budget on testing your app on multiple devices, platforms, hardware configurations and OS versions. Choose among 330+ unique Android and 20+ unique iOS devices to create your own device lists for test execution. Capture screenshots from the time of execution on each device, and get complete run results in your Test Portal.

Use hundreds of devices in the cloud for just a fraction of the price other vendors will ask you for. Pay as you go.


JavaScript Is All You Need

Download and install the Mobile Testing framework, and you are ready to go. No need to learn new scripting language or techniques—it’s all JavaScript. The extensive API will help you craft tests from scratch easily. Use plain text descriptors on test suites, tests and steps so they can be understood readily by your non-technical teammates and managers.
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Execute on the Device, No Jailbreak Needed

Unlike many mobile application testing solutions out there, Mobile Testing won't ask you to jailbreak, unlock or modify your phone or tablet in any way. Just download it from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone 8 Store for free and run it on the device or the simulator/emulator as is, all at once. All devices with iOS 5+, Android 2.3+ and Windows Phone 8 are supported.


Behavior Driven Development

Easily collaborate with your business stakeholders on building tests and suites. Mobile Testing supports the BDD model by enabling you to write tests in plain text that can be mapped to platform-specific coded commands.

Test within AppBuilder

Mobile Testing seamlessly integrates with AppBuilder to allow developers to stay within their IDE when building, running and fixing their tests. Quickly create a Mobile Testing project under your solution in the project navigator, and you’re ready to start crafting your tests.
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Use Telerik Device CloudBETA
to test your app on
300+ unique devices

Test your app against a variety of hardware
platforms, OS versions, manufacturers and
screen resolutions. Pay by the minute.

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Companion App for
iOS / Android / WP8

Download this app directly from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store onto your mobile device to execute tests.

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Support and Learning

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Part of the Telerik Platform

Mobile Testing seamlessly integrates with the great family of Telerik products.

AppBuilder will help you turn your mobile skills into mobile apps. Use your CSS and Java Script expertise to develop, test and publish applications that run natively on the Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone mobile platforms.

Mobile Testing seamlessly integrates with AppBuilder to help you craft your tests without ever leaving your IDE. Use the combined power of AppBuilder and Mobile Testing to ship much better quality apps faster.

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