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v0.3.0 (12/05/16)


  • add type definition for the AggregateResult

v0.2.0 (12/05/16)


  • add ES module bundle

v0.1.7 (11/18/16)

Bug Fixes

  • build docs bundle

v0.1.6 (11/14/16)

Bug Fixes

  • process does not handle grouping and paging correctly

v0.1.5 (11/04/16)

Bug Fixes

  • process when no paging info is provided
  • export aggregateBy function

v0.1.4 (11/03/16)

Bug Fixes

  • make State fields optional

v0.1.3 (11/03/16)

Bug Fixes

  • relax type for GroupResult items field

v0.1.2 (11/03/16)

Bug Fixes

  • fix GroupResult type declaration

v0.1.1 (11/03/16)

Bug Fixes

  • export getter

v0.1.0 (11/03/16)

Initial release

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