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    I've started as a new dev in a team where all previous devs have left and as usual it's not easy to find information. 

    The project is MVC 4. 

    There is a reference to a dll : Kendo..Mvc.dll

    The project has the following script files:





    And also includes jquery and jquery-ui (1.10). 


    - How do I know if the product was purchased or the kind of licence this is ? (all dependencies have been put into source control). 

    - How do I know which version of the product it is ?

    - I've struggled trying to use the chart component: when trying @Html.Kendo().Chart(...) I was getting a javascript error saying jquery(...).KendoChart is not a function. Aftersome research I've added a ref to the script kendo.dataviz.min.js and the chart started working (however I'm scared of version mismatch and nasty bugs down the road as I've taken an arbitrary version of the script from a CDN link). So my question is, where/how do I download the script based on a specific version ? 


  2. Etienne
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    The dll version tells me : 


    Which is probably the version of the product altogether so I just need to find the scripts. .

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  4. Etienne
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    Found the script I need for the charts here:

    Only problem remaining is possible other missing scripts (and why they were not included in the first place).


  5. Dimo
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    (forum thread moved to the UI for ASP.NET MVC section)

    Hello Etienne,

    I checked in our CRM system for all accounts associated with your company and was not able to identify which account has been used to purchase a license in the past (or if such an account existed). If you manage to obtain and provide information about the account (email address) of the license holder, please contact us via a new ticket, and we will send the source code and all minified script files for the 2013.2.716 version of UI for ASP.NET MVC to you. On the other hand, in order to develop with the latest product version or utilize our technical support service, you will need a new license.

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