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PhoneGap Development Made Easier

Create cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using an instantly available, hyper productive PhoneGap/Cordova development environment.

Start coding now

Skip the Setup
and Start Immediately

Use our cloud-based Apache Cordova server to create cross-platform builds without configuration, and run your app effortlessly with built-in simulation, debugging and deployment tools

Write JavaScript and
Build for Any Platform

Use the web technologies you already know (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) using our web-based IDE, or your favorite IDE. Build mobile apps for any platform (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

Click Save and
Instantly See Changes

Skip the rebuilds and endless waiting. Telerik AppBuilder LiveSync is designed to minimize downtime by refreshing your app automatically across multiple devices when you click “Save.”

Code With Your Favorite Development Environment

The choice is yours: use our fully functional web-based or Windows-based mobile development environment or stick with the one you like the most. Plugins for Visual Studio and Sublime Text and a Command Line Interface
put the decision in your hands.

PhoneGap Development within AppBuilder

In-Browser Client

PhoneGap Development within windows-client


PhoneGap Development within Visual Studio

Visual Studio

PhoneGap Development within Sublime

Sublime Text

PhoneGap Development within Command-Line


Use the Largest Library of Verified Cordova Plugins

The PhoneGap/Cordova ecosystem benefits from a wealth of plugins that expose native capabilities to your mobile app. Our Verified Plugins Marketplace curates the best plugins available and makes them available to all PhoneGap developers.

Verified Plugins Marketplace

PhoneGap Cordova Plugins

You’re Not Done When You Publish, Neither Are We

Telerik Platform helps you navigate the entire project lifecycle with integrated tools for prototyping, testing, data services, data connectors, in-app feedback, app management, analytics and more.


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