Identify Memory Leaks.
Resolve Performance Issues.

JustTrace 2-in-1 memory and performance profiler. Identify and resolve memory leaks and performance issues in your apps fast!

Resolve memory leaks or performance issues in your .NET apps fast with JustTrace.  Simply take a snapshot, investigate potential culprits, remove the problem. The friendly UX, intuitive work-flow and rich data visualization make it easy to identify and disable problems fast. 

Special low price $399!

What Makes JustTrace Different?

  • Fast

    When you have a memory leak or performance issue, you want it resolved fast. With JustTrace you don’t have to be a profiling expert to quickly find and remove memory leaks and performance issues. From the moment you open the JustTrace profiler, you’re just a few clicks away from removing the issue.

  • Easy

    JustTrace will profile your applications in 4 easy steps: Simply open the profiler, take a snapshot, investigate potential culprits and remove the issue. The friendly UX and profiling wizard will guide you every step of the way.

  • 2-in-1

    JustTrace is 2 profilers in 1 easy tool. You get complete coverage against memory leaks and performance issues in one easy to learn tool, all at an affordable price. JustTrace is now 50% off. Buy now for just $399.

  • Support

    With a host of learning resources including blogs, forums, videos and articles, it’s easy to get started. And with Telerik’s legendary support, we are there when you need us most.