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    Hello World!

    Learn a little about new Developer Evangelist James Bender and how he'll be helping the community learn about the great Development Productive tools (JustMock, JustTrace, JustCode and JustDecompile) offered by Telerik
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    TeamPulse R1 2013 is Here with New Look, New Features

    Last year we embarked on a journey to take the product to a whole new level. Today we can show you the results - R1 2013 is now live! I’m definitely not exaggerating when I say this is our biggest release for the past 2 years.
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    Potential Project Killers – Part 2 – the Vague Budget

    In Part 1 of this five part series on potential project killers, I covered the concept of starting the project too fast. Starting the real work on the project before you’re ready can truly be a project killer. The project must be fully planned and prepared for – which I guess might make ‘the planning’ the real work on the project. In this Part 2, I’d like to discuss another potential project killer – the project with no real budget or at best a ‘vague’ budget. You might think, “No budget…nothing to manage against!” Well, that’s not exactly the ...
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    TechEd 2013–Great Conversations, Speaker Idol, Channel 9, and Best of Tech Ed 2013

    Guess who won best of TechEd? Telerik did, that's who! Also, Jeff Fritz was runner up for Speaker Idol, and a great interview on Channel 9. Read all about TechEd and Telerik here!
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    Encrypting Login Information

    Greetings, fellow testers. In yesterday's blog post, and the related video, I showed a test that entered a username and password as part of a login process. Hopefully you noticed something disturbing there — storing a password in plain-text and letting it be displayed for all to see. Though perhaps that's ok with non-production systems, it's still not normally something you'd want to do very often. Fortunately, there are a couple of properties we can set on the test step to control this. The first one to look at is IsPassword. Changing this to True will mask the ...
    June 06, 2013