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    Agile 2013: a story about Agilistas, GIT and a panda

    Last week TeamPulse sponsored and attended the leading conference for agile software development - Agile 2013 in Nashville. The event was a huge deal for us as we got to show off the new TeamPulse in front of a live public. The response was amazing. We got very positive feedback when we demoed our new simple and intuitive interface and the new multi-project management features. But, for us the event wasn't only about demonstrating our stuff. We also wanted to hear more about people's challenges and needs. One thing that we were suspecting and we validated at the event was ...
    August 13, 2013
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    Why You Should Care About Distributed Load Testing

    Load testing used to be the practice of large testing organizations with dedicated performance engineers, for mission-essential applications expecting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of users.  But as web applications become more ubiquitous and more important to the organization’s business, more and more testing teams are finding value in understanding the characteristics of their application under load. And the failure point, while important, is the least of those characteristics.  Testers also want to know things like how system resources are being used, which parts of the application seem to stress fastest, and how response time varies with the number ...
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    Decompile Your Visual Studio 2013 Preview Projects with JustDecompile

    Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2013 Preview, which ships with .NET 4.5.1. How does this release effect your favorite productivity tools? If you're using JustDecompile, we've got good news.
    August 08, 2013
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    The New Release of Telerik Test Studio Is Here!

    We’re pleased to announce Test Studio R1 2013 is publicly available for download. We’ve been spreading out bits and pieces of information about the upcoming release via videos, blog posts, and the roadmap; however, let me recap in case you missed all that. User Interface Overhaul This one’s right in your face, from the moment you start up Test Studio! We’ve worked hard to freshen up the user interface and make it cleaner and a bit more intuitive. We’ve slightly redone a few workflows throughout the product. You’ll continue to see improvements in UX as we continue evolving the ...
    August 06, 2013
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    Why Exploratory Testing Should Be Part of Your Process

    Exploratory testing is a structured process of investigating an application by learning and understanding its use, features, and operation in a series of logically constructed but ad hoc tests.  By itself, exploratory testing can be useful, but when combined with other testing practices, it can be a powerful way to better understand the application, build more and better functional tests, and ultimately increase product quality. Exploratory testing can take many forms.  A tester might methodically execute a series of transactions as a user might do, recording the results and looking for discrepancies or inconsistencies.  Or the tester might perform a ...
    August 06, 2013