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    Announcing JustTrace Q3 2013

    October 17, 2013 Share
    Telerik has released the Q3 2013 release of JustTrace, which is available here! JustTrace has always been a great and easy to use tool for tracing and profiling your applications, but this new release has some great new features that make this great tool even better! A major strength of JustTrace is that we provide a one-click way to find common problems in .NET applications. You’ll see that we bring the exact same ease of use to our new features that we’ve built into JustTrace all along. This makes JustTrace the best tool to quickly find the issues in your .NET application.

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    First 5 Agile Myths- BUSTED

    October 16, 2013 Share
    Agile has no Process, doesn’t have Documentation, doesn’t believe in Contracts, doesn’t follow a Plan These four common agile myths most likely come straight from a misunderstanding of the Manifesto’s value propositions. In order to fully understand the value propositions, you have to take all three parts into account, not just the middle section.
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    New Load KB Articles and more

    October 15, 2013 Share
    This week we have lots of new load testing content in the Test Studio documentation. To help you use Test Studio's load testing features to their full potential, we have created three new knowledge base articles on designing your load tests. The Load Testing Strategies article describes four of the most common load test types, and how to start designing them in Test Studio. Our Selecting Load Traffic page describes some general principles to use in choosing the user profile traffic to capture or import into your Test Studio load test. And in the Profiling Your Application KB article, ...
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    30 Days of TDD – Day 14 - “Simple” Does Not Always Mean “Obvious” Pt. 1

    October 14, 2013 Share
    The last couple posts have seen us using basic Stubs to mock out the functionality a class that our code under test is dependent on. We focused on dealing with an external resource and being able to replicate enough of that resources functionality to satisfy our test. In this post I’ll introduce a new, simple test case. Over this and the next post you’ll see that not all “simple” test cases are so simple.

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    Generating and Analyzing Project Data Using Test Studio

    October 10, 2013 Share
    I mentioned in my last post on project data and analytics that testers and other project professionals certainly use data generated through various tools in helping us determine application quality, our progress to schedule, and to track defects, for example.  But the organization of the data and our inability to ask the right questions prevents us from deeply understanding our software. Why is it so important that we understand our data beyond a few graphs and charts?  The reason is that many projects fail altogether and are cancelled.  Many more don’t achieve all of their important objectives.  One of the ...