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    Dynamic Frames? No Problem.

    Many sites and web applications are using iframe elements to create tabs or sections on the page which the user can enable/disable/move at will. These often are being created in such a way that putting an ID on each frame is difficult or not feasible. As each frame is created or destroyed, of course, the index of a given frame within the frames collection changes. These factors combine, making it very difficult for an automation framework to reliably locate elements within the frames. Beginning with the R2 release, Test Studio 2013 introduces Custom Tags for Frames, a way to ...
    December 09, 2013
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    30 Days of TDD – Day 27 – Reader Question #3

    Adam Hall asks Just a quick question regarding TDD, encapsulation and DateTime.Now() I’ve often seen suggestions that you should control the behavior of DateTime.Now so that you can reliably test the way classes react to date times. Controlling DateTime is a solution, but it smells of violating encapsulation, you are affecting objects from outside of their boundaries (and indeed system wide) In your experience what is the best way to deal with Dates in TDD?
    December 06, 2013
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    30 Days of TDD – Day 26 – Reader Question #2

    In this post Emad Mokhtar asks: I want to know how to test my business logic which is basically related to database, I know dealing with database is integration test not unit test but this is what I want to take care of, weather my Employee entity inserted or not, did my validation work or not, what if I insert Employee and failed when in inserting his/her addresses, and can I connected to database.
    December 04, 2013
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    30 Days of TDD – Day 25 – Reader Question #1

    We asked our users to send in their TDD questions with the promise to answer the best five as blog posts. In this post the first user question for the 30 Days of TDD series is answered.
    December 03, 2013
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    Using Test Studio Load Testing With Mobile Clients

    Testing with mobile clients is difficult, but it’s an essential part of load testing applications today.  A large and ever-increasing percentage of application traffic comes from mobile devices, and the unique interactions and communication aspects of these devices has to figure into how we understand the load on the application. Test Studio 2013 R2 lets testers record test scripts on mobile devices and capture that traffic within Test Studio.  Those scripts can be managed like any other Test Studio script, and played back as a part of a load test.  Moreover, you can set the percentages of traffic from individual ...
    November 27, 2013