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    Q1 2011 Service Pack 1 of RadControls for Silverlight/WPF is out

    I am very excited to announce the availability of our Q1 2011 Service Pack 1 release for RadControls for Silverlight/WPF. Alongside with a lot of improvements and exciting new features we ship the official version of RadTimeBar for Silverlight and WPF. You can check its online examples here. The full release notes are available at: RadControls for Silverlight Release Notes RadControls for WPF Release Notes The installation files are available under your accounts. The online demos can be checked at: RadControls for Silverlight RadControls for WPF As always your feedback will be greatly appreciated....
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    TileView Selection

      I’m happy to announce that with the Q1 2011 SP1 release RadTileView will have yet another new and amazing feature – selection. This will allow you to mark, group or highlight your TileViewItems with a single click. The TileView selection supports three modes: Single – this is the default selection mode and it is the simplest one as well. In this mode you select/deselect an item by a single left mouse button click and you can’t have more that one selected item. Multiple – this is similar to the Single mode, the only difference is that you can select more that one item. Extended – this...
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    Revealing hidden features of Multilevel Lists in RadRichTextBox for Silverlight & WPF

    If you have taken a look at the blog post about the new features introduced in the latest Q1 2011 and have taken a liking to the multilevel lists, you should definitely read this one. It will give you some insight on the usage of the options that come out of box and some information on how you can extend them to suit the purposes of your project. In case you are in the habit of starting reading from the end, you can preview the Silverlight demo to see the lists in action. You should note that there are buttons both in...
    April 14, 2011
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    A ton of new features have just landed in RadRichTextBox for Silverlight/WPF with 2011.Q1

    The latest release – Q1 2011 brought some great enhancements to the Silverlight RadRichTextBox and its new WPF counterpart. The newly introduced functionality spans from capabilities for editing rich text – multilevel lists and extended table support, to additional formatting options – incorporating annotations in the document with hyperlinks that navigate to them, and inserting comments at different positions in the document. The customization and extensibility, which the RichTextBox takes pride in, have also made a step forward with its - as of now - localizable UI and the possibilities to overwrite the existing key-bindings used for triggering commands. In addition, the list of supported...
    April 05, 2011
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    How To Create A Population Pyramid with RadChart for Silverlight

    A population pyramid, also called an age structure diagram as defined by Wikipedia is a graphical illustration that shows the distribution of various age groups in a human population (typically that of a country or region of the world). It typically consists of two back-to-back bar graphs, with the population plotted on the X axis and age on the Y axis, one showing the number of males and one showing females in a particular population in five-year age. Although there are different types of population pyramids this blog post will demonstrate how to create such pyramid using the RadChart’s Horizontal Bar type....