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    Location Crosshair for Silverlight Chart

    Hello everyone, This blog post will demonstrate how to add location crosshair for RadChart as well as location indicator (achieved by two TextBlock-s that track the current mouse location). To achieve the crosshair functionality you will add two custom gridlines to the ChartArea (each of them parallel to one of the axes). Also, you will need three events – MouseEnter, MouseLeave and MouseMove to track the mouse cursor position and “move” the gridlines across the plot area. By handling the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events you’ll change the visibility of the gridlines to Visible and Collapsed whenever the mouse cursor enters or leaves the...
    August 12, 2011
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    ToolTip Support for RadSlider for Silverlight

    Recently there was a feature request for out-of-the-box support for a ToolTip while dragging any of RadSlider's thumbs. Since we don't provide one yet we decided to check whether it is possible to accomplish this scenario with the current implementation of RadSlider. It turned out that it was actually quite trivial. Few attached properties, a little bit of knowledge about tooltips in Silverlight and voila! Below is the class that does all the magic. It is pretty self explanatory. public class SliderToolTipExtensions : DependencyObject {     private static string SingleThumbName = "SingleThumbHost";     private static string RangeStartThumb = "RangeStartThumb";     private static string RangeEndThumb = "RangeEndThumb";       private static string ValuePropertyPath = "Value";     private static string SelectionStartPropertyPath =...
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    Under the Hood of RadImageEditor for Silverlight and WPF

    Introduction In one of the previous blog posts, we gave you a quick overview of how to use RadImageEditorUI to add a basic image editor to your application in a few simple steps. However, there is often a need for more customized image editing capabilities, in which case you can use the bare-bone RadImageEditor control. It doesn’t force a specific UI, so you can choose one that will best integrate in your application. Whereas RadImageEditorUI contains all the UI you need from a basic image editor, RadImageEditor consists only of the image that is being edited. It has an API that...
    July 20, 2011
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    Metro Theme Customization Made Easy

    Simplicity is one of the corner stones for the visual appeal of all Metro UIs. Simplicity allows the theme to be largely consistent and make development of the UI of any program a breeze. But there is a risk. The risk of many applications looking alike. Are we facing a homogenization of the next version of UIs? Will my TODO app look like  your Twitter client or another’s cloud photo service? I have no clue. What I do know is that we did not want you stuck with a white and blue theme. We want to give you a chance to...
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    Telerik Zip Library–the newest member of the big RadControls family

    Have you ever wondered how to increase the responsiveness of your applications by compressing the data that you send over the internet? The Q2 2011 release of the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF comes with a new RadZipLibrary which allows you to easily compress data like images, docx or pdf files and send them over the wire. Thus, you will achieve fast and secure transactions. This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik’s Zip Library: Easy to use API – the Zip Library exposes flexible and easy to use API to provide you with full control over the compressed data Load or create ZIP...