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    Now Accepting Beta Signups for 3 New Telerik Platform Services

    I’m delighted to announce that in the coming weeks we’re expanding the Telerik Platform, a mobile application development platform, with 3 new services that will help development teams listen to their end users and rapidly iterate based on their feedback. Furthermore, we’re actively looking for beta testers of these new services. This blog post will describe how you can get an early look at these new services.
    April 14, 2014
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    Backend Services April release: Expand for relations and Data Connectors

    If you think that March was an exciting month for the Telerik Platform with the introduction of Windows Phone 8 support, CLI and Sublime integration for AppBuilder, you should prepare yourself for what’s coming in April. We are starting the month with a set of improvements coming to our Backend Services that include Support for Expanding relational data and Data Connectors to MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL as private beta.
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    My So-Called Enterprise Life

    Let's be honest; as developers, we have bought into a lie. Silicon Valley has told us that software is all fun and games. It's Emoji, open source and multi-billion dollar acquisitions. It's thermostats with artificial intelligence, virtual reality (again) headsets and drones. . .
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    How to Turn Visual Studio into the Ultimate Mobile App Development Environment

    If you're familiar with Telerik then you also know our roots run deep in the Microsoft and .NET ecosystem. Consequently, it will probably be no surprise that one of the first integrations we targeted with the Telerik Platform was Microsoft's development tools. This blog post demonstrates how to use the Telerik Platform to build cross-platform mobile apps using Visual Studio.
    March 19, 2014
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    Cloud Management Headaches – How the Telerik Platform Can Help Ease the Pain

    There’s no question, the cloud can make your application easier to develop and less expensive to build and maintain. But, like all things in technology, there are pros and cons to the user of cloud services. One that has only recently gotten the attention of the IT industry is management of cloud services. In this post James Bender discusses some of the difficulties and solutions involved in managing your cloud based services