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    Introducing Task-It. A real-world application using RadControls for Silverlight 4

    Task-It Series This post is part of a series of blog posts and videos about the Task-It (task management) application that I have been building with Silverlight 4 and Telerik's RadControls for Silverlight 4. For a full index of these resources, please go here. One of the posts listed in the index provides a full source download for the application. Introduction This is the first in a series of blog posts based around an application called Task-It that I have developed in Silverlight 4. Task-It is real-world application designed for people that need a simple way to manage the numerous tasks that we all strive to accomplish on...
    March 15, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 4 - Navigation and Modules

    After our brief intermission (and the craziness of Q1 2010 release week), we're back on track here and today we get to dive into how we are going to navigate through our applications as well as how to set up our modules.  That way, as I start adding the functionality- adding Jobs and Applicants, Interview Scheduling, and finally a handy Dashboard- you'll see how everything is communicating back and forth.  This is all leading up to an eventual webinar, in which I'll dive into this process and give a honest look at the current story for MVVM vs. Code-Behind applications.  (For...
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    Intro to Task-It Teaser Video

    I have posted a teaser video that introduces an application I have developed in Silverlight 4 (using RadControls for Silverlight 4). You can view it here: http://bit.ly/bgUP4I Next Thursday, March 18th (11am - 12pm EST), I will be hosting a webinar focused on the Task-It application: Building a Real-World Application with RadControls for Silverlight 4 Sign up to attend this webinar at: http://bit.ly/aauKbT Please add comments to this post if there is any material you would like to see covered in the webinar!
    March 11, 2010
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    Q1 2010 New Feature: Paging with RadGridView for Silverlight and WPF

    We are glad to announce that the Q1 2010 Release has added another weapon to RadGridView’s growing arsenal of features. This is the brand new RadDataPager control which provides the user interface for paging through a collection of data. The good news is that RadDataPager can be used to page any collection. It does not depend on RadGridView in any way, so you will be free to use it with the rest of your ItemsControl’s if you chose to do so. Before you read on, you might want to download the samples solution that I have attached. It contains a sample project for every scenario that...
    March 10, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 3.5 - Prism Background and WCF RIA [Series Intermission]

    Taking a step back before I dive into the details and full-on coding fun, I wanted to once again respond to a comment on my last post to clear up some things in regards to how I'm setting up my project and some of the choices I've made.  Aka, thanks Ben. :) Prism Project Setup For starters, I'm not the ideal use case for a Prism application.  In most cases where you've got a one-man team, Prism can be overkill as it is more intended for large teams who are geographically dispersed or in applications that have a larger scale than my Recruiting...