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    Telerik Reporting - Tips and Tricks

    October 31, 2008 Share
    What better source for tips and tricks for your beloved Reporting product, than a blog spot right from the kitchen where the product is ‘mixed’. As of this post, we would like to start a small series of tips and tricks that make a developers’ life sweeter. We’re not going to discuss general topics, so if you’re looking for answers for one of those questions – please review our documentation and our forums. As you can guess, the sub-report item, which lets you display one report within another report is widely used in Telerik Reporting.  It lets you compose complex reports from...
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    Custom Toolbar for the Web ReportViewer

    October 23, 2008 Share
    Our insatiable commitment to deliver more than expected in every aspect of our products resulted in me being curious, if we are as flexible as we think and whether one can always achieve his goal be it out of the box or with custom solution using our API and other controls if necessary. Hmmm what could that custom solution be – how about a custom Toolbar for our web ReportViewer. For those of you, who are unfamiliar with our Web ReportViewer , here is a short description – it is designed to render Telerik Reports within ASP.NET projects and it has a toolbar that...
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    Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 SP2 is now live

    September 25, 2008 Share
    Our continuous commitment to provide prompt fixes and excellent support for our products has resulted in a second Service Pack of Telerik Reporting. While smaller than the first one, it still contains important bug fixes and improvements. Here is a summary of what has been fixed: Report parameters are not displayed when Session State mode in SQLServer or StateServer. Sometimes font-size is not set correctly in HTML rendering. WinViewer.ToolbarVisible is not serialized correctly at design-time when the viewer is in a hidden container. Adding Dock or Anchor first and then setting KeepTogether does not warn of incompatibility. It simply crashes the...
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    Image caching in PDF

    September 09, 2008 Share
    Over the past few days I worked on an image caching mechanism in the PDF Rendering Extension and I am happy to announce that the achieved output size reduction was more than significant. The Problem When a report contains the same binary image many times, the PDF Rendering Extension has no way of knowing that it is actually one and the same and renders it many times thus wasting disc space. For an illustration of this case imagine that you have your company's logo in the page header and your report is 200 pages long. The Solution: Enter Cyclic Redundancy Check I've implemented a central...
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    Send Telerik Report as email attachment

    September 02, 2008 Share
    The Report Viewers (Win and Web) do not support sending of reports via e-mail out-of-the-box. To mail a report you have to first render the report programmatically into a convenient format and then attach it to a mail message. Here is a possible way of how to achieve this by using the SmtpClient object:   void MailReport(Telerik.Reporting.Report report, string from, string to, string subject, string body)       {          string mimeType;          string extension;          Encoding encoding;              byte[] reportBytes =          ReportProcessor.Render("PDF", report, null, out mimeType, out extension, out encoding);                        MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(reportBytes);          ms.Position = 0;                         Attachment attachment = new Attachment(ms, report.Name + "." + extension);          MailMessage msg = new MailMessage(from, to, subject, body);          msg.Attachments.Add(attachment);          SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(smptHost); ...