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    Meet Progress at DEVintersection and Win Cool Stuff

    We have special presents for everyone going to DEVintersection next week. Pre-order our awesome .NET t-shirt, wear it during Scott Guthrie‘s keynote on Wednesday and you will enter the limited preorder raffle for a $200 customizable, mechanical WASD keyboard. But wait, there’s more! Look for booth 121 and its Progress branding. There you can chat to us about Xamarin, Angular 2, ASP.NET Core and whatever else you feel like discussing.
    October 21, 2016
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    Telerik at /build 2016 and 500 UI for Xamarin Free Licenses

    There's a lot of excitement at the Microsoft Build 2016 conference. Whether you're here with us or watching from home, we've just made awesome prizes available to all!
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    What to Expect From Microsoft Build—and Telerik

    Build is just a week away and we are still to see the agenda. The show promises nevertheless to be quite exciting, not only in terms of announcements, but in connecting with fellow developers. Telerik will be there—we'll have many demos to show and some parties to attend.
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    Telerik Party at /BUILD! Join Us!

    Telerik is hosting a party at /BUILD 2016. Join us as we demo some brand new products and bring the latest in mobile, desktop and web tech—not to mention free drinks.
    February 05, 2016
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    From Telerik VP: Microsoft + ASP.NET + Open Source: This Time for Sure!

    Bullwinkle: “Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat!” Rocky: “Again? That trick never works!” Bullwinkle: “This time for sure!” In the last week or so, I’ve heard mixed reactions to Scott Hanselman’s eye-popping announcement that, in addition to ASP.NET MVC that is already open source, that Microsoft is releasing ASP.NET Web API and Razor as open source as well. Further, and this is the big deal: Microsoft is going to take contributions on their open source ASP.NET components and ship those contributions in the box for future major releases. Of course, this is big news on the face of it, but some...
    April 11, 2012