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    A Day At The SPA With kendo.Router

    This luxurious SPA life can be difficult. It can lead to some #FirstWorldProblems. What if I want to get started with my treatments and therapy, but I have to stop in the middle and come back later? I don't want to re-start the procedure that I've already started. I would rather return to the same therapist and pick up where I left off.
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    RequireJS Fundamentals

    If you have been following JavaScript development, you might have seen a lot of posts on modules. It's a hot topic in JavaScript and it's easy to jump on a bandwagon. The truth is that the problem that needs to be solved is very fundamental to the success of your code.
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    A Day At The SPA With kendo.Layout

    On my last visit to the SPA, I introduced the new kendo.View and showed some of the use cases and API calls for it. This second visit will include a weekend package with a room, and a relaxation session with DOM replacement therapy. I'll introduce the kendo.Layout and show how it enhances the massage techniques of the kendo.View.
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    Making Kendo UI Binders for Complex Types

    Custom MVVM binders are a powerful part of the Kendo UI MVVM framework. Making basic custom binders isn’t too difficult.
    April 30, 2013
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    HTML5 and Test Studio

    Rich user experiences with HTML5 applications can cause some difficulties for teams trying to get solid user interface (UI) testing around their apps. Interacting with video or audio elements is often troublesome, and the manipulations of a web page’s document object model (DOM) on the fly via asynchronous alterations causes automation frameworks (and automaters!) endless grief in the attempt to get subtle timing issues stabilized.
    April 25, 2013