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    How To Load And Save A Single Record In A Kendo UI DataSource

    In my last post, I talked about storing user credentials from Everlive in localstorage. This gave me a nice way to keep a user logged in, between page refreshes. After having used this for a bit, I realized that I was adding new records to the local storage on every login. This was causing a problem because I wasn't getting the right credentials loaded all the time. Every time the wrong credentials were loaded, the app thought I was not logged in because the credentials were invalid. To fix this, I needed to fix my storage so that it always loaded a single record and saved that single record.
    August 27, 2013
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    This Month in the Kendo UI Labs (August 2013)

    In May, I introduced a new series that highlights the work happening in the Kendo UI Labs. Today, I’ll share an update for July and August, including new projects, updates and key contributors.
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    Taming IE In The Name Of Web Standards

    Examining Google Analytics traffic to the kendoui.com homepage revealed some very interesting trends in what browsers and browser versions people are using. It also brings up some important quirks with IE that can cause a browser to use legacy rendering even when you have a later version of IE installed.
    August 20, 2013
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    Using LocalStorage And Kendo UI's Observable To Cache Icenium Everlive Access Tokens

    Using Icenium Everlive for data storage and user authentication is easy. Everlive won't persist your access token for user authentication, between browser refreshes, though. Using a simple combination of Everlive, Kendo UI's MVVM, and a local storage dataSource adapter, you can easily persist the data between refreshes to ensure the user stays logged in.
    August 15, 2013
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    7 Places To Find Help With Your Kendo UI Project

    Kendo UI is just two years old but has already helped thousands of customers build better next generation web sites and mobile apps. Today, if you need assistance with your Kendo UI project, there are many places you can go to find it. This article covers seven of them to help you get started, whether you just need a particular question answered, or you're looking to hire a team of software developers with the Kendo UI skills you need for your project to be a success.
    August 08, 2013