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    Kendo UI Q3 2014 Keynote Recording and Winners

    Another Kendo UI keynote is now complete. This time, in addition to the usual thousands of attendees, we had a record setting 818 questions. In this post, we'll provide the recording and announce the winners.
    November 26, 2014
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    Telerik Kendo UI Q3 2014 is here

    Kendo UI Q3 2014 delivers a solution for data management and manipulation for online and offline scenarios, including offline storage support, export and advanced widgets such as treelist and pivot grid.
    November 19, 2014
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    Can You Guess What This Is?

    Big news coming from Kendo UI. Can you guess what it is from this picture?
    November 14, 2014
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    Kendo UI Q3 2014 "Data Gone Wild? No More." Webinar

    On November 20 at 11:00 AM ET the Telerik Kendo UI Q3 2014 release webinar “Data Gone Wild? No More, “ will take place. This time around, the action will focus on the new Kendo UI export capabilities, offline data with .DataSource(), new .kendoTreeList() widget, DataViz performance improvements, and new .kendoPivotGrid()features. By the way, did you know that .kendoPivotGrid() is moving to RTM (i.e. release to management) status? That’s right, it’s time to blow the managers mind!
    November 07, 2014
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    What’s Your Definition of a Masterpiece?

    In August, Telerik hosted a panel session , “Coding Tomorrow’s Masterpieces: An Intimate Conversation with App Dev Masters.” The panel participants included heavy hitters - NASA’s Planetary Data Systems, CBRE, St. Jude Medical, Couchbase, Tactile and Forrester Research. The premise for the session was around the idea of creating software masterpieces. Similar to a great piece of art, a superbly crafted piece of furniture or even a fine wine, it takes time, a level of expertise, craftsmanship and dedication to result in something truly remarkable that stands the test of time.
    November 03, 2014