• .NET

    SP1 of Telerik Reporting Q2 2010 released; new videos on their way

    A few days ago we released the Service Pack 1 of Telerik Reporting Q2 2010. Although this is the first Service Pack for Telerik Reporting for this release, it is quite impressive in the amount of improvements it contains in all product fronts - VS report designer, data source components, report rendering and processing, and in the report viewers. The shortlist of the most important fixes includes better medium trust support, addressed Table/Crosstab design time issues related to TableGroup.GroupKeepTogether, KeepTogether, and repeating GroupHeader section overlapping other sections. The improvements include SqlDataSource support for stored procedures under MySQL, support for the ODP.NET ADO.NET provider,...
    September 23, 2010
  • .NET Mobile

    New ASP.NET AJAX sample app: Sales Dashboard

    Following the great success of the Silverlight/WPF Sales Dashboard -- a similar demo is now available for ASP.NET AJAX. See what we have built for less than a week with RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight RadChart, RadGauge and OpenAccess ORM!     Enjoy and make sure you check the source code for some helpful best practices! ...
    November 20, 2009
  • .NET

    Telerik RadControls Enable New Breed of WinForms Apps

    We have done a lot recently to make it possible for a WinForms app to get closer to the new UX trends set by the great WPF and Silverlight technologies. I know it would be hard to convince you that, but luckily I happen to have a slick new WinForms demo app to help me in this endeavor. The new RadControls for WinForms QSF comes with an animated welcome screen describing some of the unique features of Telerik WinForms suite: The fisheye bar at bottom animates so smoothly, that anytime I run the app I just can’t help myself but play with...
  • .NET

    Telerik WinForms examples can be viewed directly from the web

    Up until today, of all product lines that Telerik offers only RadControls for WinForms required full installation of the product in order to view the examples the suite comes with. All other product lines had a web version of their Quick-Start Frameworks (QSFs), making product and feature reviews easy and trouble-free. Ever since the introduction of RadControls for WinForms a couple of years ago, we have been looking for ways to provide the WinForms demos to our customers without asking them to install the suite beforehand. Yes, there are several technologies which allow WinForms apps to run in web-based environments, but...