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    Converting PhoneGap/Cordova Projects to AppBuilder

    Interested in using AppBuilder, but worried you may not be able to use it with your existing PhoneGap/Cordova projects? No problem! Jim Cowart explains how you can convert an existing PhoneGap/Cordova project to AppBuilder. It's not difficult, it just requires copying the right files and folders to the right place.
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    PhoneGap/Apache Cordova Lifecycle Events

    December 31, 2013 Share
    As you begin writing hybrid mobile apps using Icenium, one of the things you should know about early on are the "lifecycle events" that are a core part of PhoneGap/Apache Cordova. These events are emitted on the document and provide critical hooks ("deviceready", for example) for when your application behavior should execute. In this post we'll take a brief look at the most important/often-used lifecycle events.