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    Say Hello to RadOrgChart

    With Q3 2011 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, a new data visualization control becomes part of the suite – RadOrgChart. As the name suggests, RadOrgChart’s purpose is to visualize hierarchical structures of organizations in a nice graphical chart. Here is a quick peek in the First Look demo (It’s pretty nice with the Transparent skin, isn’t it?):
    November 16, 2011
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    Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC – Getting Started with the Chart

    With the release of Q2 2011 we here at Telerik are proud to announce the Chart Extension for ASP.NET MVC. This component has been designed from the ground up with a high focus on performance and cross-browser compatibility and is based off of SVG and VML (for browsers that do not support SVG). Many of you are probably interested in how you can start working with the chart and this blog post should help guide you along the first couple of steps. Server Binding Out-of-the-box the chart component can very easily bind to any supplied model on the server. If the view...
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    WPF / Silverlight: RadChart PointMark Customization

    RadChart supported point mark visual indicators for chart series like Line, Area, Spline, etc. from version one, however, customization of these indicators was hard and certainly not for the faint-hearted. With the latest version of the control released this week (Q1 2009 SP1) we introduced two major improvements that significantly simplify the interaction with the point mark indicators.   Option 1: Customizing the appearance of the point marks through the PointMark API and predefined point mark shapes RadChart supports 8 predefined shapes that you can use for the point marks (members of the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Charting.MarkerShape enumeration): Circle (default) Diamond Hexagon Triangle Square SquareRounded StarFiveRay StarEightRay   Here is a sample code snippet that demonstrates...
    April 14, 2009
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    WPF: Customizing the chart series appearance in RadChart

    RadChart comes with a versatile collection of preset themes (Summer, Vista, Office). At times you may wish to use one of the predefined themes but customize its appearance a bit to fit your specific scenario / application and the control provides easy mechanism to achieve the desired effect. RadChart uses the concept of style palettes in order to style the various chart series. There are distinct style palettes for the various series types (Line, Bar, Pie, etc.) and each palette can contain as many style elements as you want -- the first style is applied to the first chart series of...
    January 06, 2009
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    RadChart: Auto Text-wrapping

    Hello, With the Q1 2008 release date closing-in fast, I'd like to present to you yet another big improvement that will be introduced in the new version of RadChart -- automatic text-wrapping support. So what's it all about?  RadChart introduces automatic Notepad-like word-wrapping functionality for the following text elements: Chart Title Chart Legend Item Labels Axis Item Labels Axis Labels MarkedZone Labels EmptySeriesMessage Label DataTable-related text elements Automatic text-wrapping will be disabled by default but the chart control provides fine-grained API that allows you to enable wrapping for all elements, or alternatively on individual element basis. Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate the rich customization options provided for text-wrapping (also this is a sneak preview of some...