• .NET

    5 Easy Steps Towards a Fast Chart

    An overview of the most important and easy things you can do to get a fast charting solution with UI for WPF.
    December 29, 2015
  • Mobile

    Gauges and AutoCompleteTextView Beta plus more in UI for iOS

    The Q3 2015 release of UI for iOS is already here, and as always it's packed and stacked with great features following your requests and feedback. The DataForm becomes official, we introduce Gauges and AutoCompleteTextView (Beta), the Chart gets three highly requested features and last, but not least, we introduce support for Swift 2.0 while keeping our iOS7 support. Let’s take a deep dive into what’s new.
  • Mobile

    Use Candlestick Chart and DataSource for iOS to Display JSON

    Candlestick chart is a financial chart type, widely used to present price movements. It visualizes large amounts of data in a simple, readable way, allowing users to follow the price movements for the whole period or the current moment. In this article, I'll demonstrate how to implement it quickly, easily and without being a math star using the TKChart component in Telerik UI for iOS.
  • Mobile

    Building a Seismograph App with CoreMotion, Swift and Telerik UI for iOS

    Data visualizations are important, especially on small screen areas, where Excel files or other tables are difficult to read and comprehend. Visualizations are even more important when you add the various sensors that an iPhone device offers, not to mention the different certified third-party devices. Today, I will show you how you can set up the Telerik Chart for iOS to live-stream data coming from the accelerometer sensor using the CoreMotion API.
  • .NET

    Colossal Q1 2015 Release for Telerik UI for WinForms

    Q1 2015 is here packed with a lot of new stuff including four new controls, new Visual Studio templates, plenty of new features in RadChartView (six new series, annotations, inverse axis and so on), and the official release of RadPdfProcessing. Make sure you give it a try.
    February 26, 2015