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    Software Craftsmanship 2013 Motivational Calendar

    December 04, 2012 Share
    The 2013 Software Craftsmanship Motivational Wall Calendars have been out for less than a month, but have already sold to dozens of countries. Check out which countries are in the lead, both in terms of total calendars ordered, and per capita.
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    Creating a Calendar Report with Telerik Reporting

    An interesting question that we frequently are being asked is: How to create a calendar report? Generally, the requirement is to create a report showing appointments and bookings just as in a month planner calendar/scheduler. When you think about it, tracking tasks and events when displayed in a calendar is instant - the users have all the information they need into a well known layout that allows to easily analyze tasks and projects. It is no wonder that our clients request this type of report. The easiest way to prepare a dynamic calendar report is to utilize our flexible crosstab/table/list item. Due to the...