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    Regular VS Simulated Clicks

    Test Studio's clicking and typing steps come in two varieties: regular and simulated clicks. You can flip between the two by going into the Properties menu for the respective step: A regular (non-simulated) click/typing is an action that is injected directly into the DOM of the page. This has advantages - it's faster and more reliable. It will work even if you run the test on a locked desktop. But it's fundamentally different from a real user clicking/typing on a control. And the disadvantage is that it will not trigger any events that are associated with the control in question.  ...
    September 04, 2012
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Tweet your Performance results

    You might already be familiar with this article. It will tell you how to access your results from code so that you can do whatever you like with them (tweet them, use them to build up a custom dashboard, post them on Facebook etc.). But that's just for functional test. What about  Performance testing? Can you access your Performance data from a coded snippet?  Yes, you can. It's slightly more complex. Performance results are not available immediately after a test has finished running. Hench you won't be able to access them from the OnAfterTestCompleted (reference). Instead you have to access ...
    August 31, 2012
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    Encrypting Passwords in Test Studio

    Using safe, generic accounts for testing is a boon; however, sometimes that’s simply not possible. Corporate policies may prevent “fake” accounts, or perhaps the test accounts have access to sensitive areas. In these cases it’s critical you’re able to secure the logon credentials. Test Studio’s Service Pack 2 for our 2012 R1 release now enables you to securely encrypt passwords in your tests with just a simple click. Here’s how a test logging on to our demo app looks. You can see the password is stored in clear text in the test: The password is also stored in clear text ...
    August 28, 2012
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    How to Get The Unrivaled Tested for Awesomeness T-shirt?

    Just about a month ago we officially released Test Studio for iOS and it found its way in the App Store. Naturally, we want to make it better with every new version. That’s why we have a treat for you. Download the app and rate it. Tell us what you really think! Everyone who leaves us a rating till September 19th 2012 will get one of our extremely loved & overly popular “Tested for Awesomeness” t-shirts. Look at how happy these guys are! Do you want to look like one of them? Don’t forget to drop us a ...
    August 22, 2012
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    Portland, Oregon, October 2012–Let’s Meet at PNSQC!

    I’ll be at PNSQC in Portland, Oregon from 8-10 October, 2012. I’m very excited to be attending – my paper on “Are We Failing at UI Automation?” was selected by the conference, so I’ll be hosting a session to discuss my points about the topic. The PNSQC folks are still offering up a $350 Early Bird discount which you can take advantage of here. Please drop me a line if you’re going to be attending. I’d love to meet up and talk testing! About the author Jim Holmes Jim Holmes has around 25 years IT experience. He is co-author ...
    August 21, 2012