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    Telerik continues its winning streak with the VS Magazine Reader’s Choice Award!

    Another year - another medal. Or several medals to be precise. Telerik has a pretty good track record when it comes to the Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards and this year is no exception. And this is something that makes us extremely proud. It means the world to us when we see that the users appreciate our products - you can count on Telerik to continue delivering top-notch third-party tools for application development in Visual Studio. You have our sincerest gratitude for the support you've given us over the years. Now without further ado here are the award honors ...
    November 09, 2012
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    Deployment Troubleshooting

    The most complicated process in the Test Studio for iOS Documentation is the configuration for UIKit Testing. It's easy to accidentally skip a step or perform one incorrectly. This post addresses common mistakes, their symptoms, and how to fix them. Cannot Begin Testing You see the following message when attempting to record a test against an iOS Application: There are no testable applications installed on this device. Please consult the documentation for more information. The Document Type tells Test Studio that an application is testable. See step 13 here for how to add and configure a tstest Document Type. Cannot Record You ...
    November 08, 2012
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    New in Fiddler 2.4.2

    A new Fiddler Beta minor update was released this evening [.NET2 or .NET4]. This build contains a few long-awaited tweaks, bug fixes, and minor features. Read on for the summary of changes, and please let us know (Help > Send Feedback) in Fiddler if you find any problems! Web Sessions List Improvements The Web Sessions list on the left side of Fiddler shows each Session and provides entry points into most of Fiddler’s functionality. In the new version, a number of improvements have been made to this critical interface. Sorting Indicator Fiddler has always allowed sorting the Web ...
    November 07, 2012
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    Free Weekly 30-minute Workshops On Test Studio

    Test Studio Workshop is our new training initiative - a weekly (you guessed it) workshop. Each session will deal with a specific automation challenge. From seemingly basic to advanced use cases that might require some coding skills. We try to tackle common errors seen with new Test Studio users and shed light on little known but powerful features the product offers. The agenda is as follows: The presenter goes through the main information related to that week's subject in roughly 15 mins. From there we go into Q&A mode. The session is set as 30 mins long but we will ...
    November 05, 2012
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    More on Flexible Locators

    Knowing how to create flexible locators is critical to crafting stable tests that will hold up in the long run. The example I use in Telerik’s Online Instructor Led and Team training sessions centers around working with a row from a table. This table, to be precise! Note the grid control has created an ID value for that row – and that ID is completely position-based: ctl00_MainContent_PeopleGrid_ctl00__1. (Look at the row above and below. The IDs all end with “__<number>”.) By default, Test Studio’s recorder will define this row’s locator using that ID value. Normally IDs are ...
    November 02, 2012