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    Migrating OnClientClick handlers from ASP button to Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Button

    Let’s start with some background – a common need is for a button to execute some JavaScript code in order to create a more responsive page. With the standard ASP:Button the OnClientClick is used to specify this execution statement. Take the following simple example: <script type="text/javascript">     function ButtonClick(button) {         alert("The Button with ID " + button.id + " was clicked.");     } </script> <asp:Button ID="Button1" Text="Regular Button" OnClientClick="ButtonClick(this); return false;" runat="server" />   What you can see here is a function called with parentheses, an argument provided to the function and the return false; statement that prevents the postback. The case with Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Button is slightly different, however. It follows the convention all other Telerik ASP.NET AJAX...
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    The New ASP.NET AJAX PivotGrid Brings Business Analysis Reporting to Your Fingertips

    When it comes to complex business data analysis, a visualization tool that allows for multi-dimensional cross-tabular reports is invaluable. This is why many of you will gladly welcome Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX PivotGrid - a data summarization control allowing end-users to gain unparalleled insights into their business processes and operations. Let’s check the key features!
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    The best fit for your project - Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX ComboBox or AutoCompleteBox?

    We have always tried to listen to our customers' feedback and act accordingly in order to provide the best service possible and deliver more than expected:). A common feature request that we are receiving these days is to provide token input that has the same functionality as the one that can be found in Facebook, for example. On a side note, we have noticed that every now and then there are customers, who are having a hard time configuring our RadComboBox in load on demand/autocomplete scenarios. Then an idea came to our minds. - “Hey, why don’t you extract the auto complete...
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    Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Control Suite with Fresh Q2’12 SP and Q3’12 Roadmap

    It’s been a newsworthy week for Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX customers. We managed to publish the official Q3 2012 roadmap (hope you find what you need there) and pushed out a fresh Q2 2012 Service Pack. And what a service pack! It’s not an ordinary maintenance release, because we shipped two long-awaited controls with it – PivotGrid (CTP) and AutoCompleteBox. :-) RadPivotGrid for ASP.NET AJAX is now available as a CTP. Still, the control has all the basic features, such as paging, sorting, drag-and-drop fields, scrolling (vertical and horizontal), etc. You can bind the component using declarative DataSource controls or programmatically bind the...
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    Hello Kendo UI Part 2–Grid CRUD

    In part 1 of the Hello Kendo UI series, I went over how to create a Kendo UI grid and how to push some of the remote operations to the server. In this module, I will be covering how to fully enable CRUD operations in the...