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    Personas- Who Are You Building Those Features For?

    November 11, 2013 Share
    All people are different. In bazillion ways. Some are young, some – old. Highly educated or just in pre-school. Some like cats, others like dogs. Some have an iPhone, others use an Android phone. When we build software we most often build it for someone else to use. And the people that use that software are different from us. They know different things, they expect different things, and they like different things. So you cannot possibly expect that when you build a feature, everyone will know how or why to use it. If you bet on a wrong design people ...
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    2 Quick Agile Myths- Busted?

    November 07, 2013 Share
    Agile Projects don’t use Project Managers It is true Scrum doesn’t discuss Project Managers – it focuses on the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and the Development Team. Scrum is only one implementation of the agile principles (albeit probably the most well-known). Even though Scrum doesn’t call out the role of Project Management in its literature, it never states that you can’t have one. Project Managers typically have different responsibilities, such as budgeting, reporting, and portfolio management. These are all extremely important, especially in larger organizations, and experience project managers excel at these tasks. Project Managers are also a vital link ...
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    The Truth About Agile | Top 30 Agile Myths- BUSTED

    October 23, 2013 Share
    Agile is not suitable for fixed bid projects Before looking at this myth, it’s important to define “Fixed bid projects”. Does this mean fixed scope, schedule, and cost? History has proven that software projects of any significance in size or complexity cannot be accurately estimated well. What is more, according to CHAOS reports 24% of all projects fail and 44% are significantly challenged2. Regardless of the project management methodology, attempting to fix all three does not have a high probability of success. Something has to give – whether it’s adding resources, cutting scope, or moving the delivery date. As described ...
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    First 5 Agile Myths- BUSTED

    October 16, 2013 Share
    Agile has no Process, doesn’t have Documentation, doesn’t believe in Contracts, doesn’t follow a Plan These four common agile myths most likely come straight from a misunderstanding of the Manifesto’s value propositions. In order to fully understand the value propositions, you have to take all three parts into account, not just the middle section.
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    Top 4 Challenges for Agile Planning

    October 09, 2013 Share
    Despite trying to achieve simplicity, Agile teams may still run across difficult issues. In this section some of the more common challenges are explored. HANDLING INCOMPLETE WORK AT THE END OF AN ITERATION It is not uncommon for a team to have incomplete work at the end of an iteration. Unfinished work is an important issue to identify as it signals a potential problem with one or more aspects of the team. When an iteration is planned, the team sets an expectation with the customer. When those expectations are not met, the customer could lose faith in the team’s ability ...