• Testing & ALM

    Introducing JustMock Free Edition

    December 15, 2010 Share
    [Cross posted from .NET Musings] Technorati Tags: mocking,.NET,Testing,TDD,BDD,JustMock,Telerik Today Telerik launched a free edition of it’s commercial mocking tool, JustMock Free Edition.  The commercial version of JustMock has been out now for a while, and brings incredible power to the table, such as mocking sealed and static classes, non-public members and types, as well as many more features.  For more information on the commercial version of JustMock, see  http://www.telerik.com/products/mocking.aspx. I do a lot of testing.  I am addicted to TDD/BDD, and can’t live without a mocking tool. The new (or “greenfield”) code that I develop is based on interfaces, SOLID, etc., and I don’t always...
  • .NET Mobile

    Binding to a collection of dynamic objects with Grid Extension for ASP.NET MVC

    November 12, 2010 Share
    Great news everybody! With its latest version and the addition of MVC3 specific build, you can now bind the MVC Grid to a collection of dynamic objects quite easily. Note that we will be using the new Razor view engine for extra fun. Just declare the View’s model to be IEnumerable<dynamic> 1: @using Telerik.Web.Mvc.UI 2: @model IEnumerable<dynamic> 3: @( 4: Html.Telerik().Grid(Model) 5: .Name("Grid") 6: .Columns(columns...
  • Testing & ALM

    It’s Been A Long Run

    September 07, 2010 Share
    [Cross posted from .NET Musings]  I worked my first paying job involving computers in 1984.  After a degree in computer science from the school of engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, I started quite the run as a computer consultant.  My first jobs involved building custom computers and networks and programming the computers!  I’ve had a fabulous career as a consultant, and worked with a lot of fantastic people.  But I realized a while ago that I wanted to be something else when I grow up.  I just had no idea what that was.  In 1995, I started as a volunteer for...
  • .NET

    Calling a method of a base class' base class

    July 09, 2010 Share
    Yesterday a colleague of mine asked me a question about how to invoke a method of a base class' base class. Although it is possible it is not a good idea.