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    HTML5 And The Incredible Editable Web

    Imagine that you’re casually browsing your website and notice a typo. Now envision the steps required to fix this typo. What if you were using someone else’s computer? Would you need to install additional software? How many logins would it take? How many clicks? How much time? Could you talk your grandma through these steps?
    August 06, 2013
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    Kendo UI Mobile: Remote Views And Separate HTML Files

    Remote views are easy to set up and use. Add a secondView.html file (or whatever file format your server will parse and render) to your project and build the standard <div data-role="view">...</div> setup for a view in to this file. Now instead of specifying a #secondView in a link, you can specify /secondView.html in your links. Kendo UI mobile will recognize this as a "remote view" - a view that has to be loaded from the server before it can be displayed.
    August 01, 2013
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    Bootstrap 3 And Responsive Data Visualization

    Kendo UI DataViz is great for displaying interactive charts with SVG. However, there are some special considerations to make when building a responsive site and using DataViz. Here is how to resize charts with the browser, as well as how to change render formats to make sure mobile users get the best experience.
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    Q2 2013 Release Webinar FAQ

    Last week saw another release of Kendo UI, and another great webinar to showcase the highlights and new features of our framework. It also showed a few of the new tools that we're working on, and some of the items that we have in the Kendo UI Labs.
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    Introducing the Kendo UI Bootstrapper

    Last week, as a part of our Q2 2013 release, we introduced a new tool called the Kendo UI Bootstrapper. The Bootstrapper is a standalone, visual utility that we built from the ground up with the goal of supporting your app development workflow with app scaffolding, live app updates, static code analysis and build tools. In this post, we'll share some additional resources for getting started with this new tool.
    July 23, 2013