As rumor has it, we have quite a few MCSDs on our team and we like to keep our skills sharp. With the release of .NET 2.0 we anticipated a change in the Microsoft certs. We were anxiously waiting for details about MCSD.NET (2.0?), but alas... Good ole MCSD became "deprecated" and you have to get ready for "The Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Enterprise Applications Developer" (

Wow.. that definitely sounds as if you are getting a pretty good ROI compared to the plain MCSD. You become a "Professional Developer" and you add the magic "Enterprise" word to your credentials. The only problem is how to put all that text on your business card and in your signature after you take the two exams to upgrade your MCSD to MCPD:)

Sarcasm aside, it would be great to know your opinion about MCPD certifications.
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