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    Build Your Custom RadControls Skin and Get in the Competition for a $200 ThinkGeek Gift Card

    Dear Telerik Community, We are happy to let you know that the Skin Sharing Portal, Telerik’s medium for community-shared skins for the RadControls, is back! Here’s what it brings for you: You can now share your amazing designs and skins for our components with your peers You can download different free skins and PSD files that you can use to style your applications Until August 31st (! Deadline extended until Sept 15th !) you can submit your custom skin (of at least 7 skinned RadControls), collect as many tweets with your skin name and the #TelerikSkins hashtag and win a $200 ThinkGeek...
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    Our Strategy Has NOT Shifted – Telerik, HTML5 and Silverlight

    Todd Anglin from our team posted a great blog entry yesterday. In it, he provides some interesting examination and commentary on Microsoft’s vision of the web, the birth of XAML technologies and the evolution of MS’s view on what the development experience for the web should be. Some of Todd’s main points are that  We should not be terribly surprised by Microsoft’s swings in direction.  The swings are driven by competitive pressure.  HTML5+JS+CSS3 is a viable application development stack.  You need good tooling for that (and he makes a gentle Kendo plug). The blog also received a number of interesting comments that made me think Todd was being...

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    Starbucks in Japan is using Kanban for Quality

    August 08, 2011 Share
    When people think about Kanban, they usually get the impression that Kanban is either an inventory control mechanism or a system to manage an assembly line of workers. This is due to Kanban’s historical roots as part of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. When I talk about Kanban, especially in reference to using Kanban with software development, I stress the importance of flow; how you pull items through the production system while limiting the work in progress. My favorite thing about Kanban is the Kanban card itself. Kanban gets its name from the card; Kanban translated from the Japanese means “signal card”. According to Lean definitions a Kanban card...
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    18 New Customers’ Apps Join the Telerik WP7 Showcase

    Big thanks go to all of our customers who have sent us a link to their WP7 app built with RadControls for Windows Phone. The Telerik WP7 Customers’ Showcase section is growing fast with 18 new apps just published. Check them out here. We are very happy to announce that one the latest apps added to the Showcase – Jack of Tools is on #3 in the Tools + Productivity Section on the Marketplace. The app on #2 in the same category – WP7applist is also built with RadControls for Windows Phone.   Interested to see other WP7 apps powered by the...
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    Some Exciting Updates Come out with Q2 2011 for the SharePoint Acceleration Kit

    Along with the thrilling new products and functionality that Q2 brought to Telerik’s tool collection, the second major release for this year also introduced a few new features and updates to our SharePoint Acceleration Kit which you’ll find quite handy and worth exploring: Much speedier data-binding to SharePoint lists was achieved by completely revising our SharePoint web part data-binding functionality – it’s now leveraging the Dynamic LINQ library and the SharePoint Collaborative Markup Language thus offering great performance optimizations. Client-side data-binding for SharePoint lists and Excel files within your SharePoint doc libraries: now you can easily bind your Grid to data existing...