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    Cloud Computing Dodged a Legal Bullet

    September 01, 2011 Share
    If you and I were at a local Starbucks drinking coffee and plotted a criminal act (say robbing a bank), would Starbucks be liable? Is Starbucks a co-conspirator since they provided a platform for us to plan our illegal act? In short, no. If you and I email back and fourth about that same criminal activity, is GMail/your ISP liable? In short, no. If we do rob the bank and FexEx someone the contraband, is FedEx liable? In short, no. If I illegally download MP3 music and upload it to Amazon Cloud Storage, Microsoft Skydrive, Dropbox, or some other similar service, are they liable? A judge last week...
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    Making the world a better place. One task at a time.

    Yesterday I read an excellent blog post by Chris Dixon:   It reminded me of something I am seeing too often when I talk to people, especially younger guys who want to be entrepreneurs. I get the feeling that they put a value only on big ideas, big discoveries, big success stories. Everyone wants to change the world and if they can’t, it is seen as a massive failure. People want to be like Steve Jobs – wake up, imagine something, make it a smashing success and change the lives of billions of people. I might be wrong, but I don’t think...

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    A New Era in Application Development, Part II: Kendo UI

    August 19, 2011 Share
    A few days ago in Part I of this blog post, I described how we are moving into a new era in application development, the Device+Cloud (D+C) era. I mentioned how just like 15 years ago we had the “Windows or Web” debate, we are now having the “Native or HTML5+JS” debate. Just like 15 years ago, the answer is that we should take a hybrid approach. Some projects will require the reach of HTML5 and others will require the tight OS integration and custom experience of a native app. Some companies will build a HTML+JS version of their app for broad distribution and then choose to build some...
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    Calling on all Telerik fans out there! We need you!

    August 18, 2011 Share
    Thank you for being the most amazing .NET community! Your unfailing support is what helps us keep charging forward! It is this time of year again! Vote for Telerik in this year’s DevProConnections Awards. When we go to User Groups, conferences or just read comments here on our Facebook page, this is what you tell us: We have the #1 support in the industry. (As a Telerik fan, you must have experienced it too!) You value our contributions to the .NET community over the last 10 years. (Ever been to a Telerik sponsored UG event?) Our online examples make your life easier and cover...
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    A New Era in Application Development, Part I

    August 16, 2011 Share
    Roughly speaking, we have had four “eras” in the computing industry, each era defined by the dominate platform at the time. The eras were: Mainframe Minicomputer Client-Server Web I believe that we are now entering a 5th era: the Device + Cloud era. Simply said, the Device + Cloud (D+C) era is defined by users having multiple devices and running thin applications that share data via the cloud on each of them. As your use of the devices goes up, you rely...