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    Win a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone for Doing Next to Nothing!

    November 03, 2011 Share
    Oh boy, should we call this one MetroUI for WinForms? It’s your call… If you have been following Telerik’s Windows Forms roadmap, you probably have noticed that we plan to introduce several cool and requested features, which however do not match the latest design patterns in the IT world. Did you really think that we were going to introduce just these features? Did you? Well, you are wrong. :-) With the introduction of the Windows 8 preview at the /BUILD// conference, it became clear that Microsoft will push the Metro design concept to all of its products. We welcome this stance! The...
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    Welcome Nokia Lumia WP7 Emulator Skin

    October 26, 2011 Share
      Our team got so excited about the new addition to the Windows Phone family and all the new development opportunities opening up that we created a Nokia Lumia skin for our WP7 emulator just for fun. And then we thought that you might have fun skinning your emulator in the smoking hot black or white Nokia Lumia skin too.  Download for free our Nokia Lumia WP7 Emulator Skin and dress up your WP7 emulator. The zip file contains a Readme.txt file which explains in several simple steps what you need to do to skin your emulator.  If you are already a Telerik customer...
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    Attention Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Events Developers –the Awards Winners will be Announced on October 28

    October 20, 2011 Share
    About a week ago I tweeted that two happy Windows Phone developers will go home with $5000 and $300 from Telerik. What I didn’t mention was that these are the Telerik Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Events Grand Prize and the Community Vote Award. 25 apps from all apps submitted by the participants in the Windows Phone Unleashed Events were selected to participate in the contest for Telerik’s Grand Prize - $5000. The winner will be randomly picked up and announced on October 28. Check out the page here We are also announcing one additional prize for the WP7 community favorite app -...
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    Writing Software as a Kaizen Event

    October 18, 2011 Share
    In the past, most developers’ approach to code is that you should write it once and hopefully never have to debug or revisit it again. This stems from the traditional waterfall approach of software development where we were trying to completely describe the entire system up front perfectly. Change was bad and bugs were not accounted for and left for the end. The Agile movement ushered in the first change to this mentality. Agile introduced the concept of refactoring, or writing your software once and then revisiting it (often if needed) and restructuring its internals for improvement (without changing its external outputs). Refactoring is a core tenant of test driven...
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    How to Promote your WP7 App for Free?

    October 14, 2011 Share
    Which one is harder and takes more work? Build a great WP7 app? Or make hundreds of thousands of people download your app? I had a one-hour discussion over lunch with our product team today and we finally agreed that making your app popular is probably harder. To help starting Windows Phone 7 developers build their first app and promote it for free we have a special combo offer: If you are among the first 25 people to buy RadControls for Windows Phone till the end of the month you will get 20,000 impressions for free from AdDuplex – the ad exchange network...