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    Election Day at the Scrum Alliance

    If you are a member of the Scrum Alliance you should have gotten an email asking you to vote for a new member of the board. Please vote! I am one of the three people who are standing for election, below is my candidate summary statement that I submitted to the Scrum Alliance. Scrum Alliance Board Candidate Summary Statement: I am honored to stand for election as a board member of the Scrum Alliance. If elevated, I feel that my education (MBA) and past industry experience as a developer, venture-backed entrepreneur, consultant, CIO, and senior management at an ISV will bring a unique perspective to the board. Having managed...
    December 05, 2011
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    How to Promote your Windows Phone App on a Shoestring

    Couple of weeks ago, while writing a blog post about some free advertising we were giving away together with AdDuplex,  I realized, as obvious as it sounds, that monetizing from a Windows Phone app actually requires two very different set of skills: development and marketing skills. It’s one thing to build a nice app and another to successfully promote it.  And it is rare, correct me if I’m wrong, that one person is good at both. And chances are that you do not have an advertising budget. So what do you do? The truth is that there are a bunch...
    December 02, 2011
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    Telerik at Agile Testing Days

    Just a few short weeks ago, Telerik was a proud sponsor for 2011 ‘Agile Testing Days’ event in Potsdam, Germany. This event brought together agile testers from all over Europe to converse and learn in an intimate setting. Jim Holmes and Daniel Levy were there to guide the European agile testing community through many of the recent advancements that have been made in our automated functional and performance testing software, Test Studio.  Those who dropped by the Telerik booth were treated to in-depth product demos and some amazing ‘SWAG’ including our new testing t-shirts featuring a soon-to-be-named character. While the event has...
    November 29, 2011
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    Q3 2011 Webinar Week, This Week!

    Unlike the Webinar Weeks from the last few releases, this time we're doing things a little differently. With more than 12 products to talk about, we needed a new format that would let us cover more topics in fewer days, so with Q3 2011 there will be multiple webinars today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. The full schedule for the week looks like this: Date Time Topic Monday, Nov 28 9:30 AM Kick-off, Webinar Week Overview 11:00 AM Silverlight & WPF 12:30 PM Data Tools Tuesday, Nov 29 9:30 AM Windows Phone 11:00 AM AJAX & MVC 12:30 PM Tools for Better Code 2:00 PM Test Studio Wednesday, Nov 30 9:30 AM Preparing for Windows 8 11:00 AM Putting It All Together 12:30 PM Sitefinity 4 Thursday, Dec 1 11:00 AM Kendo UI Launch...
    November 28, 2011
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    Telerik at Øredev

    Telerik was a partner of the largest technical conference in Sweden - Øredev. It took place in Malmö between 7-11 November 2011. Øredev is the Premier developer's conference in Europe focused on the whole software development process. The conference brings the best speakers on subjects such as Java, .Net, Project Management, Web development and Testing.   In such a diverse community of developers it was incredibly easy and fun to exchange ideas and points of view, despite our differences in preferred platforms and programming languages. We felt the strong energy and eagerness of people to be creative.   It was nice to see the huge...
    November 25, 2011