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    For Startups, location matters

    March 28, 2012 Share
    Twenty years ago when I entered the high tech industry, every aspiring young entrepreneur dreamed of building the next Microsoft and being the “next Bill Gates.” News articles told us that the next Bill Gates would probably come from Eastern Europe rather than from Silicon Valley (or Seattle where Microsoft is located). Ten years ago when Google got big and went public, every new entrepreneur wanted to be the “next Larry Page.” News articles told us that the next Larry Page would probably come from India or China rather than from Silicon Valley. As Facebook eyes its IPO next month, today young entrepreneurs hope to be the...
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    Telerik is a Sponsor of the Microsoft VS 11 Beta Celebration in Las Vegas!

    If you LOVE Telerik and like to party, then stop by the Visual Studio booth on Tuesday during DevConnections and grab a ticket to join us on March 27th  in the evening at Haze Nightclub at the Aria Hotel. A few reasons why this party is going to ROCK: There will be free booze, food, and entertainment The Telerik crew will be passing out a very *special* card, so make sure you ask for one—just keep an eye out for the folks in Telerik colors. ;-) Telerik is providing snacks at the end of the night to soak up the suds you consumed Did I mention free...
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    Speaking at TechED India this week

    March 19, 2012 Share
    After a successful TechDays Hong Kong the week before last, I am off to Bangalore today to speak at Tech Ed India 2012! Besides the usual running around and talking with customers, partners, attendees, and MVPs, I’ll be doing three breakout sessions: Wednesday @ 12:15 : Beyond Scrum: Kanban and Software Kaizen This is a slight modification of my Introduction to Kanban talk, here are the slides for that one: Kanban View more PowerPoint from Stephen Forte On Wednesday afternoon at 2:15, I’ll be doing a session on Big Data Processing with SQL Server 2012 and Hadoop. I don’t really have any slides for this one besides a few from MS DPE, I plan...
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    Telerik and Visual Studio 11 - Steamrolling Ahead

    Expanding on our recent blog post, Telerik and VS11 State of Affairs, here is another update for all of you exploring the Visual Studio 11 Beta.  As we near the launch of Visual Studio 11 Release Candidate our goal is to ensure that your migration to it is as smooth as possible. Early feedback on forums and (a lack of) support tickets tells us we are doing a good job—thanks! Please keep sending us your feedback!   So, what’s been going on?  And, what can you do to keep abreast of developments? All our teams are blogging about their progress. As reported right after the release of Visual Studio 11 Beta,...
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    Our Windows Phone Customers Rock!

    14 new customers’ apps from different categories just joined our Windows Phone Showcase Gallery. Check them out here. And while looking at them I couldn’t help but notice that 3 of them are in the very top of their respective categories. Such as Gooroovster at #12 in the music + video / top category. The app is the first Google Music player for Windows Phone and is using Telerik’s PhoneApplicationFrame, JumpList, DatabountListbox and TileHelper. Connecting with businesses, movies, people and what not is a piece of cake with Poynt at #20 in travel + navigation / free category. And then there is Math Rocks at...